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Truckee, California 




Beatiful stairs living room view
Stairs at first floor
Stairs third floor looking thru shutters
Curve at second floor
Beatiful stairs looking up at the stairs structure
Stairs at second floor
Stairs looking down from third floor 2
  • Features:  European old world design. Made from Chinese Elm beams that were reclaimed from soon to be flooded, ancient Monasteries located on the banks of the Yellow River. These beams shipped to the US to be milled for bespoke projects such as one of a kind bespoke staircases. Most interestingly, this timeline occurred just prior to the eminent flooding that became certain as the Yellow river dam was completed and the immense Yellow River gorge began filling with water.The stringer at the second to third floor is curved back 180 degrees and is the structural support. The front of the stair treads are curved as they wind down. The pickets which were cut out on a CC machine using clear 1 inch pine. The stairs were prebuilt at a shop in Reno Nevada by Ascent Stairs taken apart and reassembled on site .

  • Design & Build: Ascent Stairs

  • Architect: Jmalick

Wine Barrel




  • Features: One of a kind wine barrel shaped wine cellar, equipped with a cooling system.  Designed to accommodate 750ml and 1.5lt bottles and stored at the precise temperature and humidity all while tasting the labors of love in a glass and gazing out upon the vineyards that were created by the artist George Zaffle with a trompe l'oeil. The doors follow the curve of the barrel and are adorned by carvings that were done by L.W. Jones. Handles shaped like wine bottles and custom hinges were constructed by the very talented Tom Poulin Steel Fabrication to allow for the doors to open and clear the curve of the wine barrel walls.


Wine Barrel Cellar
Wine Barrel Cellar1
Wine Barrel Cellar 3

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